Are cloud-native ops tools right for multicloud?

The rise of cloudops tools (such as AIops) is in full swing. There are three basic choices: on demand as a non-native tool, hosted on-premises, or a hosted cloud-native tool offered by a public cloud provider. Which door should you choose?

The on-demand, non-native category includes the majority of AIops tools that run on a hosting service, sometimes on a public cloud. The wide variety of the tools’ options drives this choice more than the preferred deployment model.

If more on-premises systems need to be monitored and controlled, that’s better accomplished using on-premises hosting because the data does not need to flow all the way back to a centralized hosting service over the open internet. At times, it may make sense for the ops tool to run in both places, and some tools provide the ability to do that in coordinated ways. If it’s a solid tool, then it should not matter how you deploy it.

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