Axiom Browser Automation with Yaseer Sheriff

The quantity and quality of a company’s data can mean the difference between a major success or major failure. Companies like Google have used big data from its earliest days to steer their product suite in the direction consumers need. Other companies, like Apple, didn’t always use big data analytics to drive product design, but they do now

The company Axiom has created a large suite of advanced browser robots that perform difficult tasks like consolidating data across many web applications, extracting data from public sites or from behind logins, data entry, user interface automation, file management and spreadsheet automation. These powerful tools enable people and businesses to collect valuable data to inform their decisions. In this episode we talk to Yaseer Sheriff, Co-Founder and CEO at Axiom. We discuss the value of big data, the opportunities their products enable, and how people can use their tools to improve their data collection practices.

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