Blissfully: Comprehensive IT Management with Aaron White

Delivering Saas products involves a lot more than just building the product. Saas management involves customer relationship management, licensing, renewals, maintaining software visibility, and the general management of the technology portfolio. 

The company Blissfully helps businesses manage their SaaS products from within a complete IT platform with organization, automation, and security built in. The Blissfully platform offers a system of record for creating and maintaining a single source of truth for technology, a workflows and automations feature for defining and executing consistent IT processes, an IT collaboration feature, and a security and compliance feature. These features come together to form a comprehensive IT management platform.

In this episode we talk with Aaron White, a Founder and CTO at Blissfully. Aaron was previously a Co-Founder and Board Member of Price Intelligently, and Vice President at Venrock before that.

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Security compliance isn’t the biggest priority for startups…until it is. When it comes to enterprise deals, every large company requires a SOC 2 report,

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