Episode Summary for Botpress: Natural Language Processing with Sylvain Perron

Botpress is revolutionizing the chatbot ecosystem with Natural Language Understanding. If you are looking to power your infrastructure with the latest advancements in chatbot technology and automation, this is the show you are looking for. In this episode of Software Engineering Daily, we talked to Sylvain Perron who is the CEO of Botpress. 

Conversational AI is the application of machine learning to develop language-based apps that allows humans to interact naturally with computers using speech or text.

If the Input is in the form of text the application will use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to decipher the meaning of the input and derive its intention. And if the Input is Speech Based the application will use a combination of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and NLU to process the input.

Natural Language Understanding at a high level is a subset of Natural Language Processing, that results from the syntactic and semantic analysis of text and speech to infer the meaning of a sentence. Below is an example of how a Food Delivery Application powered by NLU handles a customer request.

Though machines are getting smarter and smarter, the human in the loop element cannot be neglected. To handle any unprepared contingency Botpress allows you to hand over the chat to a human agent.

Looking back at the chatbot bubble that started in 2016, Sylvain points out:

“There was indeed a big hype. And I think the main problem there was that it wasn’t really backed by any kind of significant breakthrough in technology … And so I think the hype kind of fell flat. And, right now, I think that it’s starting to pick up again because there’s indeed been recent developments in NLP, which now allows us to start again looking at

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