Makepath: Geospatial Technology with Brendan Collins

Geospatial technology impacts every person who uses a smartphone, drives a car, or flies in airplanes. It refers to all of the technology used to acquire and interpret geographic information. In more advanced settings, geospatial technology is used for constructing dynamic maps, 3D visualizations, and scientific and governmental simulations. 

The company Makepath specializes in geospatial technology and full-stack application development. Makepath helps companies to create beautiful and simple visualizations from mountains of complex data. Using open-source Python libraries and real-world validation, they create state-of-the-art analytics, web applications, and other robust automation processes. They are also passionate about the open source ecosystem and contribute to many ongoing projects.

In this episode we talk with Brendan Collins from Makepath. Brendan is a founder and the principal of Makepath. He previously worked as the principal of Parietal and was a software developer at Anaconda, Inc before that. We discuss geospatial data science, the work they do at Makepath, and their broader open source projects.

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