Preset: Visualizing Big Data with Srini Kadamati

Apache Superset is an open-source, fast, lightweight and modern data exploration and visualization platform. It can connect to any SQL based data source through SQLAlchemy at petabyte scale. Its architecture is highly scalable and it ships with a wide array of visualizations.

The company Preset provides a powerful, easy to use data exploration and visualization platform powered by Apache Superset. Preset enables team members with some to no programming experience to build interactive visualizations and dashboards with a no-code viz builder and SQL editor. It works directly on top of popular cloud data warehouses and leading data engines. Preset delivers all the data visualization power of Apache Superset through their complete, easy to consume, enterprise ready platform.

In this episode we talk with Srini Kadamati, Senior Data Scientist / Developer advocate at Preset. Previously Srini worked as Head of Product at and as a Data Scientist at Radius Intelligence before that. He is also a Committer to Apache Superset. We discuss data visualization, the power of big Data, and Preset.

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