Special Edition Repeat: AWS Analysis with Corey Quinn

Next week Corey Quinn will be guest hosting on Software Engineering Daily, presenting a Tour of the Cloud. Corey Quinn is the Chief Cloud Economist at The Duckbill Group, where he helps companies fix their AWS bill by making it smaller and less horrifying. If you’re looking to lower your AWS bill or negotiate a new contract with AWS, you can learn more about The Duckbill Group’s services at https://www.duckbillgroup.com/

Corey is also the host and creator of Last Week in AWS, which publishes newsletters and podcasts covering topics to help you stay up to date on all things AWS and insightful conversations with experts in the world of cloud computing all delivered lovingly with Corey’s infamous snark. Subscribe at https://www.lastweekinaws.com and follow Corey on Twitter @QuinnyPig. 

Amazon Web Services changed how software engineers work. Before AWS, it was common for startups to purchase their own physical servers. AWS made server resources as accessible as an API request, and has gone on to create higher-level abstractions for building applications.

For the first few years of AWS, the abstractions were familiar. S3 provided distributed, reliable object storage. Elastic MapReduce provided a managed Hadoop system. Kinesis provided a scalable queue. Amazon provided developers with managed alternatives to complicated open source software.

More recently, AWS has started to release products that are unlike anything else. A perfect example is AWS Lambda, the first function-as-a-service platform. Other newer AWS products include Ground Station, a service for processing satellite data and AWS DeepRacer, a miniature race car for developers to build and test machine learning algorithms on.

As AWS has grown into new categories, the blog announcements of new services and features have started coming so frequently that it is hard to keep track of it all. Corey Quinn is the author of “Last Week in AWS”, a popular newsletter about

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