Speedscale: Automated Testing with Ken Ahrens and Matt LeRay

Large portions of software development budgets are dedicated for testing code. A new component may take weeks to thoroughly test, and even then mistakes happen. If you consider software defects as security issues then the concern goes well beyond an application temporarily crashing. Although even minor bugs can cost companies a lot of time to locate the bug, resolve it, retest it in lower environments, then deploy it back to production. 

The company Speedscale provides an intelligent, Kubernetes-friendly testing toolkit that runs at build time. Their virtual SRE-bot works inside automated release pipelines to forecast and test real-world conditions the new code will encounter. This process requires no manual scripting because Speedscale uses existing traffic to generate tests and mocks. The feedback is immediate after every build and covers regression, performance, fuzzing, and chaos tests automatically. 

In this episode we talk with Ken Ahrens and Matt LeRay. Ken is a founder and the CEO at Speedscale. Previously Ken worked at New Relic as a senior director, solutions architects. Matt is a founder and CTO at Speedscale. He previously was the VP of Product at Observe, inc. We discuss testing in distributed environments, how Speedscale intelligently tests and mocks during builds, Kubernetes, and their future goals with Speedscale.

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