Temporal Product: Managing State with Ryland Goldstein

Microservice architecture has become very common over the past few years because of the availability of containers and container orchestrators like Kubernetes. While containers are overall positive for scaling apps and making them more available, they’ve also introduced hurdles like persisting data and state, and container restarts or pod failures. Development teams put significant work into designing applications that take these hurdles into account because without precautions you can lose valuable data or crash your app. 

The company Temporal provides tools for both building complex microservices as well as for apps that use microservices. They use 2 primary function types: workflow and activity. Workflow functions persist all local variables and threads so that if the server the app runs on crashes, it’s picked up on a different server where it left off, down to the line. Activity functions automatically initiate retry logic if the service the function invokes fails for something like its server being down. Temporal provides visibility into end-to-end workflows that can span multiple services. 

In this episode we talk to Ryland Goldstein, Head of Product at Temporal. Previously, Ryland was the Lead Product Manager at Reshuffle and a Software Engineer Lead at Parallel Machines. We discuss the challenges of managing state in micro services, orchestrating microservices and how Temporal simplifies this process for development teams.

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